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Understanding the Guests in Serviced Accommodation

Considering a shift from traditional property investments to the thriving world of Serviced Accommodation? You’re on the right track! In this guide, we’ll list the various guests you can expect and how Pillow Partners helps you.

Lists of Variants Guests

  • Contractors
    Contractors often working on construction sites, seek extended stays with basic amenities. They are considering good locations, parking spaces, multiple rooms, and bathrooms. They favor the homely ambiance, privacy, and cost-effectiveness of Serviced Accommodations over hotels.
  • Corporate Guests
    Business guests, great for short or long work trips, have needs like contractors but also need enough space to work comfortably. They choose Serviced Accommodations because they are comfy, private, and good for work, making them like it more than hotels.
  • Leisure Guests
    Leisure guests, perfect for families or groups of 3 to 10 people, seek more space, privacy, and comfort. They think Serviced Accommodations are affordable and easy, giving them a homely feel when they travel for events or spend quality time.

Catering to Diverse Markets

  • Infrastructure projects in various towns drive the demand for qualified workers and contractors. So we provide them a home-like environment, making them so they  preferred holiday/home rentals over hotels for extended stays.
  • Constant demand from companies in technology, healthcare, and infrastructure for specialized skills. To these companies our Serviced Accommodation management 
    offers a relaxed atmosphere, privacy, and project-friendly spaces, attracting professionals for both short and extended stays.
  • Leisure guests, including families and friends, seek our properties for events like weddings and graduations. We provide the desired space, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. So our business  makes an appealing choice for weekend getaways.

Why Choose Serviced Accommodation

Some think hotels are best, but many now like Serviced Accommodation. It’s liked because it’s flexible, affordable, and feels like home. Serviced Accommodation lets you customize your stay and gives a comfy, homely vibe.

More people are starting to prefer Serviced Accommodation over regular hotels. It’s a new and simple choice that doesn’t cost too much, making it a good option for all sorts of travellers.

Partnering with Pillow Partners

To navigate the dynamic serviced accommodation market successfully, align yourself with Pillow Partners. With our expertise, you’ll gain access to invaluable insights, support, and a comprehensive understanding of potential guests. Pillow Partners makes sure your serviced accommodation business meets the expectations of contractors and corporate guests.


As you venture into the world of Serviced Accommodation, understanding your potential guests is key to success. The demand from contractors, corporate professionals, and leisure travellers continues to grow, making our partnership opportunity a promising investment. With Pillow Partners on your team, you can confidently start this journey, knowing you have the support to succeed in this changing industry.

Request the info pack today to explore the endless possibilities.

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