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Serviced Accommodation Licensing in Scotland

Scott and Emma shared some insights on the licensing developments in the world of serviced accommodation in Scotland. Emma recently attended a licensing hearing, and decided it’s crucial to shed light on the subject. This is for our hosts and those potentially affected down south in England and Wales.

Overview of Licensing in Scotland

In a nutshell, every short-term let in Scotland, whether existing or new, now requires a license to operate. This license is granted by a licensing board, involving a comprehensive review of safety measures and compliance. The process includes scrutinising gas and electrical safety, general safety measures, and adherence to specific criteria.

Diversity Among Local Authorities

Scotland comprises 32 local authorities, each with its own rules, pricing structures, and considerations for licensing. For instance, Glasgow City Centre and other areas may have different pricing models, creating a varied landscape for hosts. Some councils may demand specific safety measures like door closers, while others might not.

Challenges and Considerations

  • Thorough Checks: The licensing process includes comprehensive assessments, such as criminal record checks, ensuring hosts meet specific safety and regulatory criteria.
  • Council’s Decision Factors: The council’s decision to grant a license is influenced by various factors, emphasising the importance of meeting safety standards and compliance requirements.
  • Resident Objections: Similar to the process for House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties, residents have a designated timeframe to voice objections, adding a layer of community involvement in the licensing process.

Duration of Licenses

Licenses are valid for three years, providing an initial assurance to hosts. However, it’s crucial to note that obtaining a license is just the beginning; hosts must continually meet the specified criteria to retain their license.

The Hearing Experience

Emma shared her recent experience attending a licensing hearing, emphasising the emotional investment of local residents. The process is formal, resembling a court setting, with a panel consisting of council members, legal experts, and a presiding officer. Emma highlighted the importance of assuring residents of the professionalism and commitment to best practices by operators.

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Key Takeaways

Navigating Scotland’s serviced accommodation licensing complexities is essential for hosts. Pillow Partners, your dedicated success partner, actively secures licenses across authorities.

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