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Optimising Your SA Business: Tips and Strategies for Managing a Successful Serviced Accommodation Franchise on Airbnb

Managing a successful serviced accommodation business on Airbnb can sometimes be a challenging task, but with the right strategies in place, your serviced accommodation business will be very successful. 

Here are some of Pillow’s top tips and strategies to help you manage your serviced accommodation business effectively and achieve the best possible results on the platform.

Our Top 5 Tips

1. Develop A Strong Brand Identity

Pillow franchises have very strong branding and brand identity that is used by all franchisees for a consistent brand message, tone and image. 

Your serviced accommodation business should have a strong brand identity that sets it apart from the competition on Airbnb. This can include developing a unique logo, colour scheme and overall aesthetic for your property. 

Additionally, make sure your listings are consistent and professional, and that your property’s photos accurately reflect the space and amenities offered. 

2. Utilise SEO Best Practices 

At Pillow Partners we utilise SEO to create maximum impact on our website and social media. 

To ensure that your listings appear at the top of search results on Airbnb, it’s important to utilize SEO best practices. This includes using relevant keywords in your listing title and description, as well as incorporating high-quality photos and videos. 

Make sure listings are complete and accurate, with all necessary information and amenities clearly listed.

3. Focus On Guest Experience 

At Pillow, we have a dedicated customer experience team working 24/7 to answer any guest queries. 

To ensure that guests have a positive experience at your property, it’s important to focus on providing excellent customer service on the Airbnb platform. 

This can include providing detailed check-in instruction, ensuring that the property is clean and well-maintained, and providing guests with any necessary information or assistance during their stay. 

Additionally, it’s important to be responsive to any questions or concerns that guests may have and to address any issues promptly.

4. Leverage Technology 

There are many tools and technologies available that can help you manage your serviced accommodation business more effectively on Airbnb. 

This can include using property management software to automate tasks such as bookings and guest communications, as well as utilising tools like Google Analytics to track your property’s performance. 

Additionally, consider using social media and other online platforms to promote your property and reach a wider audience.  

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5. Stay Informed of the Airbnb Rules and Regulations

Pillow Partners know the importance of keeping up with the trends in the serviced accommodation industry and how crucial it is to know exactly what you can and can’t do.

 Airbnb constantly changes its rules and regulations, it’s important to stay informed of these changes to avoid any issues or penalties. 

 By following these tips and strategies, you can optimise your serviced accommodation franchise on Airbnb and achieve great success.

 By developing a strong brand identity, utilising SEO best practices, focusing on guest experience, leveraging technology, and staying informed of Airbnb rules and regulations, you can set your property apart from the competition and attract more guests. 

With the right approach, your serviced accommodation business can thrive and grow on the platform. 

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