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How to Winter-Proof Your Properties: Scott’s Top Tips Live

Our CEO Scott Weir has some great tips to help you get your place ready for winter. In this blog, he shares 17 years of property know-how in easy and practical advice. That season has arrived to turn your homes into cozy havens and combat the chilly months to create the best space for your guests!

Guest Safety in Snowy Conditions

When winter blankets your property in snow, the potential hazards escalate. Beyond the picturesque scenes, there’s a critical aspect often overlooked—guest safety. Picture a scenario: a guest slips and falls on an icy path. Are you prepared to clear the snow if they ask for it?

Ensuring guest safety in snowy conditions is not just a moral obligation but a pivotal aspect of risk management. Overlooking this could lead to legal repercussions and tarnish your property’s reputation. Here, we discuss ways to make snow safer for visitors during winter, ensuring they feel secure and well-cared for.

Building Relationships with Neighbours

Foster positive relations with your neighbours. They can be invaluable in emergencies, and fostering good relationships can pay off in unexpected ways. Offer to help with their tasks, and they may reciprocate when you need assistance.

Upgrading Guest Communications

Upgrade your guest communications to fortify the guest experience, winter’s unsure weather can be challenging. Good communication is important for a pleasant stay. Inform visitors about property rules and safety steps to take in colder weather. Elevating communication strategies fosters trust, enhances satisfaction, and positions your property as a reliable choice even in challenging weather.

Ventilation and Damp Prevention

As winter sets in, ensure your property is not just warm but adequately ventilated. Insulation is crucial as damp and mold pose significant threats; we cannot overstate its importance.

Addressing these concerns promptly goes beyond preventing structural damage—it contributes to a positive guest experience. Learn how proper ventilation can enhance guest comfort by maintaining a cozy and moisture-free environment. Find our comprehensive video on Facebook

Winter-Proof Outdoor Features

Beyond the warmth indoors, don’t neglect the outdoor features that contribute to your property’s allure. Hot tubs, lights, and saunas require special attention to withstand freezing temperatures.

Learn from Scott’s Live about preparing places for winter to avoid damage and maintain their functionality and appearance. Winter should make your outdoor spots even better, not less appealing.

Maintaining Heating Systems

Ensure the heart of your property—its heating system—is ready for the colder months. Regular servicing is more than a routine task; it’s a proactive strategy to prevent unexpected breakdowns. With guests cranking up the heat during winter, the strain on your system is significant. Learn how timely maintenance can be a game-changer, ensuring a warm and comfortable stay for your guests throughout the season.

Regularly Inspect Empty Properties

When winter descends, and your property stands temporarily vacant, regular inspections become a safeguard against potential disasters. Beyond fulfilling insurance criteria, these inspections prevent damages from leaks and unforeseen issues that could escalate rapidly. Regular inspections are important for preserving your property’s condition and maintaining the quality of your serviced accommodation.

Prepare for Power Outages

Prepare for power outages by providing essentials like candles, blankets, and games. While you can’t prevent outages, you can enhance the guest experience by planning for these unforeseen events.

Emergency Kit for Guests

Create a kit for guests with important things like a hand-crank flashlight, candles, blankets, and a spare Wi-Fi device. This action prevents problems in unexpected situations, ensuring a smooth experience for guests. Doing it in advance helps manage unexpected issues.

Check for Roof Issues

Remember to inspect the roof, including the gutters, for any problems. Preventable damages often result from neglecting simple tasks like gutter cleaning. Invest in your property by addressing these seemingly small concerns.

Thoroughly Inspect for Hazards

Thoroughly inspect your property for hazards. This includes health and safety audits and risk assessments. Overlooking safety measures can have severe consequences, including legal implications and business loss.

To make sure your serviced accommodation is safe and comfortable during winter, follow these steps for a smooth experience. Make sure to get ready and take steps to prevent issues when it gets colder.

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